Really see what the problems are instead of using a “think you know” what they are, or “if I had to guess” what they are approach, but take the the time to really understand what the issues are that are on your employees and customers minds. We will take some time by using surveys, interviews, employee comments as well as customer comments to understand what issues need to be addressed. We will also look at metrics, what is your turn over, what percentage of your customers return, would employees recommend your company is a place to work? Do all employees understand the mission, vision and values of your company, the strategic goals? Once we understand this we can start to FIX IT


When we understand what the issues are, we can prioritize what needs to be fixed first, second and third. We will individualize the fixes for your company. This may include training, “Success Tree” development for all levels of the company, new procedures, proactive solutions and more consistent communication. This also includes making sure that your employees and customers know that you have heard them and are working on making their experiences with you positive. Theses fixes will become the “new Normal” and CELEBRATED


We will make sure that all that was put in place is talked about and ingrained into the everyday working of your company. By the use of Check ins, goal setting, development plans, sharing terrific money saving ideas and more, we will keep the new ways alive. We will measure the change and reward for positive forward movement, publicly, privately and most important timely. We bill brand your internal programs and tell everyone about them both internally with your employees and externally with your customers.

The Success Tree process helps all employees at every level understand their individual role in the success of their department and company. By doing this, your leadership and employee engagement increases, productivity soars and profits grow.  SEE IT, FIX IT AND CELEBRATE IT!

Hear about it from Tera:

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Make opportunities.

Take the next step.

Contrary to popular belief, great opportunities don’t just rely on sheer luck.
New jobs, great business ideas, and the right people–you have to develop habits
to attract them at the right place, at the right time.  Plant your Success Tree today.

"When I hired Tera, we were in the middle of transitioning the culture of the organization, with the goal of achieving recognition as one of the top places to work in the Salt Lake Area. We had adopted a High Performance Management System (HPMS) that Tera helped to brand and institute the program company wide, along with a revised performance management program that drove alignment. She played a key role in working with the organization and setting clear expectations for the team. She has continued the work that was started and has been a champion of change and cultural shifts. Proudly, the senior leadership and the broader organization achieved a #7 ranking in Utah Business, which is testament to achieving a culture that is unique, different and sustainable!"
Dave Hemink
President, Cantel Medical (Former President of Bard Access Systems)
What separates Tera from others is that she takes action, and her actions make a difference. She was the first HR executive that actually did anything material to improve "living conditions" within a largely bureaucratic organization that was frozen in indecision. Both small things and big things. For instance, where there were baren and dingy walls before Tera, there were brightly painted walls with paintings and pictures after Tera. Where there was an antiquated development system before Tera, there was a new system that aligned personal development with organizational goals after Tera. Most folks in organizations play it safe. Not her. What we loved about her, is that she didn't hide in her office all day exchanging emails. She got out there and took the pulse of the organization. She listened. And then she took took action. Most organization are frankly boring and they lack the vitality to reach the next level, and she provides the energy needed to make working environment fun. One in a million.
Jay Muse
President & CEO, Talon Surgical LLC
"There's no one I trust more than Tera to assist me in bringing continued growth, engagement, and satisfaction to my organization. My employees are my biggest asset, nurturing them and helping them grow is of the utmost importance to me and the success of my company."
Wendy Kelly
Owner/Designer, Indigo Blue Consulting and Events

About Tera

Tera’s expertise in company engagement comes from a long, successful business and consulting career. She has held senior leadership positions with TGIF, Starbucks, Café Rio, Nelson Labs and CR Bard. For the past three years she has helped companies communicate goals to all levels of the organizations and increase Employee Engagement and company profits through her Success Tree process. Her work has also been recognized with the companies she has worked with receiving in both National and State “Best Places To Work “awards. She has also been a member of many boards, Zions Bank Woman’s Financial Advisory Board, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Immigration Reform Committee, TruClinic, Centro De La Familia to name a few. Tera holds degrees in: Psychology, Criminal Justice and Human Resource Management (focused on training the adult).


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